12 JAZZY ETUDES for Horn Book 1


Written for the advanced student to professional, these etudes feature different techniques that are essential to horn playing. In a fun, fanciful and whimsical style, Mr Matosinhos focuses each etude on a different technique, always within a style heavily invluenced by Jazz. 24 Pages. Dedicated to Arkady Shilkloper.

“ ''12 Etudes" by Ricardo Matosinhos fill a gap in the horn etude repertoire that has long needed attention. Complex rhythms have seldom received the attention that pitch has in the repertoire, but these etudes provide the player with many rhythmic problems that an advanced player needs to master to be ready for contemporary repertoire, including odd meters, unusual note values, metric modulation, syncopation, displaced rhythms, unusual subdivisions, and extremes of tempo. But rhythm is not all that is addressed in these etudes. Matosinhos also touches on quarter tones, trills, ghost notes, low register, extreme leaps, atonal writing, glissando, stopped notes, and transposition. The etudes are compact studies of most of the difficulties one might encounter in contemporary writing. There is nothing else like them on the market, making them a must-buy for the advanced horn player. “
–Jeffrey Agrell, Professor of Horn, The University of Iowa

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