In a letter to his publisher dated 18th January 1963, which promised delivery of the fair copy of this sonata within eight days, Poulenc asked that the score should be engraved by someone with enough musical knowledge to resolve any apparent doubts about his intentions. Twelve days later Poulenc died suddenly, the ambiguities in the manuscript were not resolved and appeared in the first edition of 1963.
Thea King's and Georgina Dobree's assistance in preparing the revised edition of 1973 went only part way to remedying the inaccuracies of the first edition, and it was not until 2000 that another attempt was made. This involved a reassessment of the composer's intentions from his manuscript, correction of the 1973 edition and clarification of the notation. In 2006 Millan Sachania, who was the editor in 2000, made a few minor changes, so bringing about the fourth edition in the fifty-two years since this sonata was written.

Contents / Comments:

  • Allegro tristamente
  • Romanza
  • Allegro con fuoco

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