36 MORE MODERN STUDIES for Solo Saxophone

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    Rae, James (b.1957) 
  • A-E
  • sax. 
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James Rae is one of Europe's most published composers of educational wind music with over 120 titles to his name including tutors, collections of studies and transcriptions, besides original compositions and his publications are included in wind examination syllabi around the world. In the Preface to '36 More Modern Studies for Solo Saxophone', the composer says "This book was written in the same format as '20 Modern Studies for Solo Saxophone'. Again, the pieces are of moderate length and cover a wide variety of styles. As the studies are technically demanding, they are all written in comfortable saxophone-orientated keys to allow the student to focus on interpretation. Each study is designed to improve the student's musical as well as technical abilities.

Contents / Comments:

  • 1. Rock Formation; 2. Blue Waltz;
  • 3. Lament; 4. March of the Chipolatas;
  • 5. Willy Nilly; 6. Crystal Waltz;
  • 7. The Swinger; 8. Curiosity;
  • 9. Spinnaker Jig; 10. Moving Image;
  • 11. Destiny II; 12. Rock Summit;
  • 13. Pot Luck; 14. Ben's Blues;
  • 15. Forbidden Landscape; 16. Dave's Magic Crumble;
  • 17. Coastal Route; 18. Chocolate Paradise;
  • 19. February March; 20. Dynamite;
  • 21. One o'Clock Shuffle; 22. The Twister;
  • 23. Exhibit A; 24. Doctor Cool;
  • 25. Beth's Bossa; 26. Return Flight;
  • 27. Hot Noodles; 28. Scale Force;
  • 29. Oddness; 30. Loops II;
  • 31. Breakaway; 32. Climbing the Walls;
  • 33. Mambo à la Funk; 34. Hocus Pocus;
  • 35. What if ... ?; 36. Devil's Brew.

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