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    Harle, John (b.1956) 
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This seminal work by master saxophonist John Harle offers players of all levels the most in-depth approach to playing the saxophone ever published. In this beautifully presented, two volume-boxed set, Harle reveals his ground-breaking techniques for encouraging fluent and natural playing – transforming the musical experience of students and professionals alike.
Every aspect of playing is explored, from resonant tone production, breathing and fluent articulation through to techniques for building ease and flow in performance. Practical, clear and universally relevant, The Saxophone discloses John Harle’s secrets to playing with individuality, fluent technique and a powerful musical presence.

• A ground-breaking new exploration of the cornerstones of saxophone technique, introducing revolutionary new concepts such as the Reed Fan, the Power Lines and the Cathedral of Resonance.
• Step-by-step instructions and simple exercises provide a clear introduction to these innovative new principles. Stunning visualisations present unique analytical models that aid understanding of the new concepts introduced.
• Quick insights offer tips, technical advice and extra information.
• Unique anatomical colour coded diagrams clarify new concepts such as the Cathedral of Resonance in Volume 1.
• Colour-coded throughout to connect the resonating areas of the head to the ranges of the instrument and point of vibration of the reed.
• Diagrams, music and practice wheels interlink with the unique colour-coding.
• Practice wheels help to develop a structured and relaxed practice routine.
• Reminders reinforce key points essential to all exercises.
• Clear instructions and annotated exercises guide the player through each new technique.
• New techniques and concepts are accompanied by balanced explanations, clear analytical diagrams, annotated exercises and summarised in practice wheels.
• Volume 2 features Daily Practice Exercises, focussing on transforming players’ register changing, legato-staccato, altissimo fingerings, sonority and flexibility.
• The exercises are annotated, colour-coded and specifically designed to build stamina, speed and technique in players of all standards.
• Harle offers expert advice on all aspects of performance: dealing with fear, nerves and adrenalin, developing a strong psychological approach and setting goalposts for success.
• Volume 2 also looks at great players and their influences and examines the links between the saxophone and the voice.
• Inspiring photography and images are included throughout.
• These exclusive full-colour editions come in a beautiful boxed set; they are produced to the highest standards and are designed to open easily on music stands.

“It’s a beast of a book. It will take prime position in my teaching studio forever! A new perspective – wonderful!” - Snake Davis (George Michael, Culture Club, Take That, Pet Shop Boys, Motorhead)

“The Saxophone is a work of art, combining scientific research with a balanced and poetic presentation. John gives fantastic advice on learning methods which can be adapted to any age, level and need - musicians, amateur or professional will find the answers to all their questions here. I would like to thank John for his gift to the saxophone world.” - Claude Delangle

“John’s scholarly and artful scientific method is marked by formidable research and a passionate commitment to new and revolutionary techniques that open the door to a truly symbiotic relationship with your saxophone.” - Tommy Smith (Leading Jazz saxophonist/composer and Director of Jazz, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland)

“John is a consummate musician and saxophonist, and all the expertise and experience gleaned from his forty-plus years as a student of our instrument is encapsulated in this book. It is a must read for all professional and aspiring musicians – I will be learning from John for years to come.” - Branford Marsalis (Three-time Grammy award-winning saxophonist and composer)

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